The NH Gas Tax Plan = Sucking Ass

Hey Bill Ohm,

You’re plan sucks ass. If you feel like taxing people that get better gas mileage for their automobile, then go fuck yourself. I don’t know where you got this idea or how you think this helps us, but you’re wrong.

Continually taxing people for how many miles they drive if their cars gets better gas mileage is invasive and will not stand with New Hampshire residents.

The idea, even on paper, sounds like shit. I get it, you want to make money to help pay for roads and repair, but there are thousands of other options.

One of the best ways that can help generate money for the state would be to legalize marijuana and tax it. Apparently this state is in shambles  and if thats the proposed method of generating income, then you guys at the house have a fuck-load of explaining to do.

With marijuana legalized, you will be putting that money towards helping this state, building a better infrastructure and not hurting people.

You’re hurting us.


You are backing us into a really shitty corner and exploiting us from trying to save money and live a more affordable life.

We are going to die if cannot live free.