Why Portsmouth Is The Best Place To Open Cannabis Shop.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a small town located just across the border from Maine.


It’s community, views, and respect for artisans, make it the most productive and respectable city In New Hampshire. To say it bluntly, it’s progressive.

New Hampshire has an issue with cannabis. The issue isn’t a result of the users, but a result of the law that still has the potential to ruin the lives of many who reside here. The punishment that affects people the most is the ability to fine residents for having cannabis on their persons. New Hampshire is the only state in New England that hasn’t lessened the burden of this law.

For legalization, we should look to Maine for an appropriate reaction to legalization. In the city of South Portland, a bill was passed to give adults the ability to carry on them up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis without facing the harsh penalties that New Hampshire still burdens its citizens with.

That is where Portsmouth comes in. Portsmouth, with its small community and more relaxed view on cannabis, has become a hubspot for many young adults looking to reap the benefits of a weekend nightlife without the issues stemming from places like downtown Manchester, Nashua, or Concord. With its attractions, its cobblestone sidewalks, and effectively progressive ideologies, Portsmouth seems like the most effective area to show the state that cannabis users are more coherent and respectable with the freedom to obtain, smoke, or ingest cannabis.

Now, the state has passed a bill giving residents the ability to obtain medical cannabis, but the laundry list is small, and even though we now have people utilizing these benefits for self-medication, the state hasn’t taken kindly to those who qualify and have obtained the right to access it.

With 62% of New Hampshire residents in support of legalizing cannabis and 73% in favor of decriminalization, it appears that the vast majority of citizens in this state are not in favor of keeping these laws in place.

The House of Representatives has also voiced themselves as pro-pot by having most bills pass the house, but get stopped at the desk of our Governors. If there was any consolation as to where New Hampshire can start increasing its progressive “free minded” values, it would be in the City of Portsmouth.


The NH Gas Tax Plan = Sucking Ass

Hey Bill Ohm,

You’re plan sucks ass. If you feel like taxing people that get better gas mileage for their automobile, then go fuck yourself. I don’t know where you got this idea or how you think this helps us, but you’re wrong.

Continually taxing people for how many miles they drive if their cars gets better gas mileage is invasive and will not stand with New Hampshire residents.

The idea, even on paper, sounds like shit. I get it, you want to make money to help pay for roads and repair, but there are thousands of other options.

One of the best ways that can help generate money for the state would be to legalize marijuana and tax it. Apparently this state is in shambles  and if thats the proposed method of generating income, then you guys at the house have a fuck-load of explaining to do.

With marijuana legalized, you will be putting that money towards helping this state, building a better infrastructure and not hurting people.

You’re hurting us.


You are backing us into a really shitty corner and exploiting us from trying to save money and live a more affordable life.

We are going to die if cannot live free.