I Had Sex To David Bowie = It Was Awesome.

I had a relationship with this girl a while back. She was rad. I remember one of the first shirts she wore when we first hung out. It was this awesome black, white and red David Bowie T – Shirt.

This one, to be more precise:


Behind a splatter painted door you entered her room. Every room in that old house spoke with the voices of past spirits, but hers spoke the loudest. The room looked as if everything was bought from a second hand store. The walls were covered in everything from metal ornaments to tapestries. If not for the few lit candles, it would have been completely dark. She rolled a joint and we passed it back and forth.

Around this time, she decided it would be a good idea to play an entire playlist of David Bowie. To which I had no argument with. She knew what she was doing. I had always appreciated David Bowie for his contribution to music, but never fully developed a taste for him…until, you know, then.

Recounting this scene in my head as if it played out like a movie, Ziggy Stardust started playing and she walked over. Like a fox, a total god-damn minx, she w-a-l-k-e-d over to me. Her flowing red hair moved and swayed back and forth in the same rhythm as her body. It flowed over her shoulders which gave the whole scene (if you can picture it) more aesthetics than I could handle.

In the cacophony of alcohol, cannabis, and David Bowie an embracement happened, probably one of the best feelings Ive had so far in my short 26 years of being on this planet. A true connection, if you will. The experience only happened once, and the feelings we had were short lived, but god-damn was it awesome to straight up wreck-fuck the shit out of each other to David Bowie. If I ever wrote a movie, the sex scene would have him in the background. Hell, I hope he watches people “gettin busy” to his music from wherever he is now.

The music David Bowie has made through the years has been relevant to everyone. To this day, Im sure a bunch of 20 somethings are totally bumpin’ uglies to the wonderful and flowing music he’s left behind.

Thank you, David Bowie for giving me that experience. Im sure there are plenty of people who are reading this thinking of a similar time for themselves, or better ones, probably. But this is how I connected with your music, and I wish you well on the other side.