New Hampshires Political Rants = Susan DeLemus

So Susan DeLemus is now trending after a Facebook comment stating that The Pope was indeed the Anti-Christ.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.17.18 PM
I had to visit her Facebook page in order to get this screen shot, which unfortunately added another page view for her. 

A New Hampshire GOP rep for Donald Trump, the only real headlines she’s made other than her current outburst was on CNN.

If you’ve watched this video, I’m sorry, but it will help you realize that some of our reps are insane. Now, I get that politicians lie. You and me? We know this, we’ve always known this. But, unlike you and me, we don’t like to project ourselves as crazy on national television.

I want to let the rest of the country know that most of us who live here aren’t like this. We handle issues like normal, everyday people. If someone like her came up and talked to me, I would just shake my head and agree until she was gone.

Unfortunately, the only time New Hampshire gets noticed is around election time or when our shitty state reps like to blurt out stupid shit.

Why Valentines Day isn’t For Lovers.

Its that time of the year again. For couples, it means romantic gestures, going to dinner, and buying cards that someone else wrote that have significant meaning. Who knows, maybe there’s some sex in there too, but I wont delve that deep into it.

For everyone else, its their time to poke fun in a small testament against it. If they had someone special, they probably wouldn’t be on the internet making those jokes. They’d be too busy actually doing romantic things. Some wish they had someone, some don’t feel like playing into a commercial holiday, I get it. It makes sense.

At 10 a.m. this morning, my social media feeds consisting of mostly older people and relatives sharing what their S.O.’s got for them. Flowers, cards, etc. Some of these people have kids and thats why they’re together, some are on their third child with their fourth Fiance.

child support
Love is love, I suppose.

As I kept scrolling, I found that majority of people my age were the ones who were actively voicing themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.57.37 AM
Hands everywhere are now sharing this.

Now, lets look at another side of the coin. People my age are also known as the “Hook-up Generation”. That, in itself, is bullshit. The people who complain about it also have 5 cats named after the characters in Glee. Which is why they sit in their house and write blogs about love.

***Disclaimer: Im not a cat lady. Im a 26 year old man feeding off buzz words in order for this blog to make me money***

All jokes aside, there is a sad reality to this holiday. There will always be that person who posts pictures of their pets as their “special someone”. You can almost hear them screaming on the inside. Some are going to cry themselves to sleep tonight, another lonely, uneventful Valentines Day. Who knows, though, maybe its them. Maybe their just ugly, or have a shitty personality, I can’t be the one to judge. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go out and try to meet someone.

The NH Gas Tax Plan = Sucking Ass

Hey Bill Ohm,

You’re plan sucks ass. If you feel like taxing people that get better gas mileage for their automobile, then go fuck yourself. I don’t know where you got this idea or how you think this helps us, but you’re wrong.

Continually taxing people for how many miles they drive if their cars gets better gas mileage is invasive and will not stand with New Hampshire residents.

The idea, even on paper, sounds like shit. I get it, you want to make money to help pay for roads and repair, but there are thousands of other options.

One of the best ways that can help generate money for the state would be to legalize marijuana and tax it. Apparently this state is in shambles  and if thats the proposed method of generating income, then you guys at the house have a fuck-load of explaining to do.

With marijuana legalized, you will be putting that money towards helping this state, building a better infrastructure and not hurting people.

You’re hurting us.


You are backing us into a really shitty corner and exploiting us from trying to save money and live a more affordable life.

We are going to die if cannot live free.

I Had Sex To David Bowie = It Was Awesome.

I had a relationship with this girl a while back. She was rad. I remember one of the first shirts she wore when we first hung out. It was this awesome black, white and red David Bowie T – Shirt.

This one, to be more precise:


Behind a splatter painted door you entered her room. Every room in that old house spoke with the voices of past spirits, but hers spoke the loudest. The room looked as if everything was bought from a second hand store. The walls were covered in everything from metal ornaments to tapestries. If not for the few lit candles, it would have been completely dark. She rolled a joint and we passed it back and forth.

Around this time, she decided it would be a good idea to play an entire playlist of David Bowie. To which I had no argument with. She knew what she was doing. I had always appreciated David Bowie for his contribution to music, but never fully developed a taste for him…until, you know, then.

Recounting this scene in my head as if it played out like a movie, Ziggy Stardust started playing and she walked over. Like a fox, a total god-damn minx, she w-a-l-k-e-d over to me. Her flowing red hair moved and swayed back and forth in the same rhythm as her body. It flowed over her shoulders which gave the whole scene (if you can picture it) more aesthetics than I could handle.

In the cacophony of alcohol, cannabis, and David Bowie an embracement happened, probably one of the best feelings Ive had so far in my short 26 years of being on this planet. A true connection, if you will. The experience only happened once, and the feelings we had were short lived, but god-damn was it awesome to straight up wreck-fuck the shit out of each other to David Bowie. If I ever wrote a movie, the sex scene would have him in the background. Hell, I hope he watches people “gettin busy” to his music from wherever he is now.

The music David Bowie has made through the years has been relevant to everyone. To this day, Im sure a bunch of 20 somethings are totally bumpin’ uglies to the wonderful and flowing music he’s left behind.

Thank you, David Bowie for giving me that experience. Im sure there are plenty of people who are reading this thinking of a similar time for themselves, or better ones, probably. But this is how I connected with your music, and I wish you well on the other side.

I Sat Down with Rick Naya, The Cuban Cannabis Crusader for New Hampshire Legalization

Rick Naya is the man you want to get to know in terms of Cannabis legalization in the Granite State. The actions and efforts he has taken to make New Hampshire’s Cannabis Industry friendly has spearheaded thecause and is bringing this state closer to its goal of giving residents the “freedom” that this state proudly boasts as its motto.

live free or die.
You see that, right there? Thats the coolest damn motto in the whole country. That shits on our license plates!

I had the opportunity of meeting Rick through the New Hampshire NORML Facebook page. Rick is the Director of NH NORML, Director of the New Hampshire Hemp Fest and Freedom Rally, and is the key contender and forerunner as an independent resident for legalizing cannabis in New Hampshire.

As I met Rick, his great white beard and amazingly friendly demeanor, he greeted me with a “Hey, man! great to meet you!” and shook my hand with tremendous force. It was inspiring to see the man who will soon go on to be the leading factor of Cannabis legalization for Granite Staters.

So you’re the director of the New Hampshire Hemp Festival?

Rick: You better have a seat. Im about to blow your mind.

Well, alrighty then. What is Marijuana to you?

Rick: Well, first off I don’t call it “marijuana”, I refer to it as Cannabis. 


Rick: Right on. Marijuana was originally used as a racist term by Harry J. Anslinger, who was the first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and he gave it a bad name from its inception. So, for myself, Ive never really called it Marijuana. I learned very young-I educated myself to understand, really, what cannabis was. I was very curious at a young age as to why it was such a terrible thing if people were doing it. I used to think “They’re not dying, but they’ll claim you die.” So, Cannabis, to me, means peace on Earth and to me its something that comes from the Bible, something from beyond times time and something that God placed on this planet to work with our bodies, to give us a sense of well-being and harmony. I look at it as spiritual, medicinal and recreational. I look at it as any educated adult should. If they’re educated, they’ll know.

Rick Suit

So you’re part of the NH Marijuana Advocate and Activist group, you’re the Director of the New Hampshire Hemp Festival and Freedom rally, you’re really spearheading New Hampshire’s fight for Legalization…

Rick: Im one of the many people, man, there are several of us that have spearheaded the legalization of Cannabis here in New Hampshire. Ive been doing this for 30 years as an advocate and, you know, Ive had my run-ins with the police and it has been difficult for me, not about jobs, thankfully, Ive always owned a business or was an executive of some form. Ive never really settled for a job. I was raised early on to know that I have to supersede as a minority, so to speak. When I was born into this country, my parents were exiled from Cuba and we were from Spanish royalty that came to Cuba in the 1580’s, monopolizing the islands ports and oil industry. We were the largest ocean faring fleet of steam ship vessels in the Eastern Hemisphere at the time of the revolution. I was born into an enclave of very wealthy and affluential politicians and I was raised with a nanny and a grandmother and I sort of became a black sheep. I grew up a corporate and political brat. I had a lot of advantages of growing up with people who were wealthy. Affluence is like diplomacy, it kind of rubs off on you.

Where did Cannabis come in on all of this?

Rick: It had to be when I was 9 years old. I was chilling with some chick. We were listening to the Mommas and the Papas. She pulled out a joint and said “This is pot” and I was like “What’s pot?” and she said “Here have a puff of this.” So I took a few puffs and, womp, nothing happened, but I tried it. I was into the partaking of cannabis and “chillaxing” kind of thing, you know? It must have been the summer of 69’somewhere around that time. It was the first time I had ever seen pot, seen a joint rolled, oh, it was something. I don’t believe until 1975 that I started really using it. I must have been around 15 or 16. When I was 13, I was in the woods hunting and a big plane flew over the area I was in and they dropped a multitude of bails of Cannabis. After the smugglers took what they needed, I went to the area they dropped it in and collected all the broken bails I could and hid them until I knew it was cool to start selling it. This was the beginning of my Cannabis experience.

Where was this?

Rick: So thats how I started my journey. On  fluke in the woods partying and it literally fell out of the sky. The problem was, my parents were so important to the area that it was impossible to bring anything home. I turned  Cannabis into a life style and it kind of started me on a different path than what my parents had wanted me to go down. But, you know, it took me down some avenues in life that most people would never be able to see. I got educated in the cannabis industry and not only did I get to see it and sell it and grow it, but I got involved. Being a good looking guy and Cuban really opened a lot of doors for me. I was living the dream and it was all falling into order until I realized I needed a life with children and a future.

So tell me about the Hemp Festival…

HEMPFEST LOGORick: So the hemp festival has been going on two years now, last year was the first and then this year. The first year we had more volunteers than we had guests. We probably had a little over a thousand people. Last year I became the executive director I was asked to because of the efforts I put forth in the Cannabis industry here in NH at the state house with the legislators and state representatives and the department of health human services. I spent thousands of hours a year working on documents and working on the implemented rules for the Department of Health and Human Services, the ATC rules, laws and regulations and I put forth my best.  So I decided this is the time. I have to do something and I need to give back. I had to give something back to this world, to humanity. So I said to myself I would give this my all and give it hell because there is something that people don’t know here in New Hampshire and that  is that they know nothing about Cannabis,  but, Rick Naya knows.

Rick1 cropped

What brought you to the State House?

So I heard they were having an event down at the State House and I was hoping to have my answers fulfilled but I was surprised to see how ignorant they were of cannabis. So for the past 6 years I had to do all of the research and data and I had to bring it to the State House and educate them. To help educate them that cannabis isn’t the “Scrooge” that it was made out to be. I was able to use my diplomacy and my education and bring it with me to share with them. My mom always taught me, that when things got tough and gloomy, to grab a drum, a trumpet and a banner and start your own parade. I started my Parade! And that was for the legalization of Cannabis! I believe it is what God wanted me to do. This was my place to stand up in society to say “Hey, I knew you were wrong all a long, but now Im truly going to show you and prove this to you and let me know if I should wear my suit and tie.

The atmosphere changed as Rick started to tear up.

Rick: I put my heart and soul into this and I feel we have made a huge difference and impact for this state. I do this for the state of New Hampshire, I do this for society, and I do this for the whole of humanity. I am leaving a legacy to my children to show anyone who commits themselves professionally and responsibly can make a change for society. I am incredibly happy because I am making changes in this world. People have a crusader out here who is really pushing things forward to help them. A lot of people have died and a lot of people have suffered because they don’t have the proper treatment that Cannabis can give them, you know?!

People aren’t going to hear an echo, they are going to hear a voice and if they need to hear a voice that voice will be Rick Naya’s. I believe I am here to make a difference in New Hampshire. I believe that God brought me here to make a difference for the state and to leave a legacy to all those who believe that living free and dying free has true meaning. God Bless us all, and may we all bring out the New New Hampshire.

Colleen and Rick

I went to the Free the Nipple Rally at Hampton Beach.

“Free the Nipple” is a growing movement throughout the country. With more and more supporters joining each day, the movement has gained a large number of traction in terms of following. Women across the country are going topless in high traffic areas and are generating a lot of buzz about why they should have the right to walk around topless in the same sense that men do. I was able to attend the event and talked with supporters about why they believe in the cause.

After doing some research on the legalities of showing your breasts in public, I found that there is no law in New Hampshire that states a woman cannot be topless in public. Once the founders Kia Sinclair and Hiedi Lilley found this out, the event was a “go”.

I remember hearing about the Free the Nipple movement a month ago while listening to morning radio on my way to work. One of New Hampshires largest radio stations were scoffing the idea and trying to throw it under the rug stating “These women are just looking for attention” which is typical morning radio bullshit. Along with other New Hampshire news agencies not giving the campaign a lot of attention or credit, I decided to head there myself and check out what was going on. I wanted to see first hand what these women were saying and campaigning for.

As I drove into the first $5 parking lot at Hampton Beach, one of New Hampshire’s premier hot spots and host of “Free The Nipple”, I was greeted with moderately cold weather and rain. As I paid the attendant the five dollars he lightheartedly asked:

“Are you here for the show?” Inquiring that this was more of a spectacle and not something to be taken seriousely.

My response was a hasty “uuuh yeah” as I moved my way out of the car and instantly felt the heavy rain pelt me in the face.

On my way to the stage, I walked past a couple of water slides that nobody was using due to the aforementioned rain and made my way to the center stage where a number of people congregated. There were a mix of different people, everyone was from a different place and some had traveled long distances to attend. Some standing in front of the stage with curious eyes, but most on stage participating in the event. As I walked up to the stage, I was greeted by a man named Matt who told me he was in a relationship with Sage, one of the women participating.

How do you feel the turnout is today?

Matt: Its actually pretty nice! There are a lot of people here and a lot more will show up. Its just a good cause to have women’s rights to be the same as our rights. I mean, we get to walk around with our shirts off so why cant they?

As I walked onto the stage, countless shirtless women were talking with each other and having their pictures taken. It was exciting to see the amount of dedication and support especially on such a miserable day at the beach. Most of the people perticipating were more or less someone you would see walking down the street. Some, you could guess to be involved in one way or another, but most were, to my surprise absolutely normal people calmly standing by what they believed in.

The first group of women that I saw were all standing together having their pictures taken. Some had writing on their chest.

My first interview was with Sage:



What is the message that you are trying to deliver today?

Sage: To gain equality for everyone. You are a man and you can walk around without your shirt off and I, as a women, cannot because, why? I have bigger breasts than you? Thats not right in any kind of way. And then, as a mother, who breast fed her children and having people come up to me and tell me that its disgusting that I feed my child when I go to the store or walk around, thats just wrong. I shouldn’t have to feel degraded because I am feeding my child. Its not right in any sense of the way.

That strong opinion echoed throughout the rest of the day. As I walked around I also noticed a lack of petition against the cause. With  such a hot spot as Hampton Beach, you would think there would be some opposition. Even that Jesus guy with the sign that says “If you died tomorrow, where will you go?” implying it might not be Heaven, wasn’t there. It was great.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.07.55 PM
“We think everyones got them so its okay”
Seacoast residents Nick and Jim Rodgers

I then spoke with Rayne who is a nudist and does shows throughout the state.

How are you doing today?
Rayne: Im good! Grrrreat!

So what brings you out the Free the Nipple Movement today?

Rayne: Because I am a nudist and I think that you should be able to express yourself and to show that being nude and topless is not sexualized. I think its awesome. I think for me personally it takes away my masks and lets me be who I am.DCIM100SPORT
Rayne and Myself

After walking around looking for others to interview, I noticed the audience at the foot of the stage was gathering. Not at once did I notice any negative or anti supporters. The atmosphere in the crowd was of interest and curiosity.

As I made my way back into the interviewing process, I saw a woman named Lex with the female symbol painted around her left nipple.

Lex: Im really glad that so many people support recognizing that a woman’s breasts are a part of our bodies and not just sexualized and objectified. I think that its really more important for breastfeeding mothers and its more comfortable to exist with breasts in a world that doesn’t single me out for that.

After speaking with Lex, I noticed a group of supporters who looked pretty cold due to the rain.

You ladies look freezing! This weather doesn’t seem to be helping.

Not at all.

Where are you from and why did you decide to support the event?

Jacquelin: We drove up from Dartmouth Mass. Really Im a feminist artist so this is something that I have always wanted to do especially after watching the “Free the Nipple” movie. I was like “I just want to live their life!” So yeah, we came to the beach, jumped in the water and it was a good day!

Mandy: We wish the weather was better but we still had a fun day. Im happy to see a lot of people coming here and a lot of people showing up despite the rain. It really shows how supportive people are and despite the weather, we are powering through it.

After thanking the group of women, I took a break and got food from one of the various pizza places along the Hampton Beach Strip. I asked the person at the counter what they thought of the event and they told me they didn’t want to have an interview. After I got my food, I noticed a lot of people talking about it. More specifically, a group of elderly women.

I asked them what they thought.

Hello ladies, would you have time for a quick interview on your thoughts of the event?

Time is not something we have. One woman said jokingly.

So no?

Yes. We will.

Great! How do you feel about seeing something like this at Hampton Beach?

We believe in the cause, we’re just unsure of how this event will lead to something.

Another woman interjected:

We lived through the 60’s and witnessed women burning their bras and we supported it, of course. We have just seen causes like this go unnoticed too often. These events get shrugged off too often. Its something we would like to see continue, but especially in New Hampshire, we feel it is too small to make an impact.

So you feel the impact on New Hampshire wont make a difference?

Another elderly woman shrugged.

We’ll see.

Quickly after that interview, my cohort Amanda ran into and old friend, Nick St. Croix. As we conversed he told us that his girlfriend, Rachel, was one of the supporters and was walking around. We quickly found her and she was able to tell us why she was participating.

Nick St. Croix and Rachel Haile Hampton Beach Residents

Rachel: I wanted to come and support my females. I think its ridiculous how the male nipple is so acceptable but the female nipple isn’t.  Its the same thing. Theres nothing different about it. They have smaller tits we have bigger tits. We have bigger tits we have smaller tits. Whats the difference?

As I thanked them for their time, I walked back to the stage and noticed a male and woman both covering their nipples. The woman had black strips covering her nipples with “Censored” written on them and the man had a skull and cross bone covering his. I asked the man, who’s name was Bob why he was here.

What are your thoughts about women being able to show their breasts in public?

Bob: About 80 years ago, in Atlantic City, one hundred men showed up to the beach without their shirts on because it was illegal for men to go topless back then and they were all arrested. Then, each saturday in Atlantic City, more and more men showed up. By the end of the summer, there were thousands and thousands of men showing up with their shirts off and there weren’t enough police cells to arrest them. So you would think that 80 years later, women would have the right to go topless on a beach too.

What do you think the issue has been for women for the past 80 years?

Bob: It basically comes down to marketing. A lot of “Madison Avenue” types use the breast to sell things like beer and football. So if you take the taboo away from the breast you cant use it to sell these things. It becomes the norm and more socially acceptable.

What is your opinion on breasts?

If you think about it, breasts are that halfway point between sexuality and maternity, but its not a genital. It should be considered alongside a mans nipples. We have to like all breasts. Big, small, old, and young. You know, one of the biggest problems with this “Madison Avenue” concept is that they’re convincing people that they have to have these huge, silicone breasts to be what is deemed as attractive, and the truth is that ALL breasts are attractive and you sort of have to de-sexualize them. Then everything is fine. Thats basically why Im here.

When I finished interviewing Bob about his opinions on the matter, my attentions turned to a woman sitting quietly on the floor of the stage. This woman would be one of the founders of the movement here in NH, Heidi Lilley and she spoke with me about her beliefs about starting what hopefully would be more events like this in the state.

Heidi: Free The Nipple started a couple years ago, and Kia Sinclair got turned on by the movement. And the buzz had reached my daughter and she turned to me and asked “Mom, what do you think?” and I turned to her and said “Absolutely”. I was all for it. Ive been someone who has fought for equality all of my life. Kia came into the equality movement through breastfeeding, primarily. She was a breastfeeding mom who had struggled with the stigma of breastfeeding in public. People not really harassing her, but giving her weird or odd looks from breastfeeding in public and making her feel uncomfortable. I breastfed thirty years ago and I got that same look thirty years ago and Im thinking “Thirty years later, that should be all done with. That should be ALL done with. We should have grown up a lot in thirty years, and we havn’t.” The stigma is still there. And these breasts were MADE, they were created. Im a christian and God created these so that we can feed our children. 

In the utero, your breasts and my breasts are identical. Zero difference.  It isn’t until puberty that our hormones kick in and they become different. I talked to a mother who had twins, one boy and one girl, who went to a state park, and they were told they had to cover the little girl. Not the boy, even though you could not tell the difference. Three years old, they couldn’t have a topless child on the beach, crazy.

I have every right to be topless as you do. That is why I am here. It is exciting to have as many people as we do today being supportive of everyone else and Im impressed with the amount of people who are here through the bad weather willing to give that support.

Have you encountered any negative feedback today?

Heidi: We were expected to have negativity today and I have not heard or seen one person who has voiced themselves negatively. It has all been inquiring. “Who are you? what are you doing? Why? And we tell them and the reaction has been “Oh! Well, cool! I agree with that.”

With the overall participation of the event being known throughout the state, and countless people showing up to show support and inquire, The Free the Nipple campaign did not need as much publicity as we would think. The idea took off and showed the state that the opinions of these women are a common feeling and a peaking interest of what todays standards should be. With the lack of resistance against the event, it also shows that many “Granite Staters” are more in favor and supportive than maybe we would believe. This lack of anti support is a key to the success of these countless women who were not afraid to reveal themselves even on a cold rainy day here in New Hampshire. This event has shown that there might be a changing point in todays times and New Hampshire could very well be one of the first states to take action on this topic.

Below, you will find more pictures of the event.






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“Free the Nipple” comes to New Hampshire Beaches.

On August 23rd of this year, women from all over the state will be traveling to Hampton Beach. to sit in and show everyone that women, but more accurately their nipples, matter.

The “Free the Nipple” campaign promotes the idea that we need to change our perception on the female nipple and as we have seen before, the act of being topless in the state is not an illegal activity.

Why the Internet kicked Mainstream Media’s Ass.

***Disclaimer I am not a 50 year old man trying to relive his glory days.

Its difficult to pin point exactly the direction the music industry is heading in the near future. With the internet becoming the #1 place to find music, all other media has inevitably taken a back seat. As I mentioned in my last post, radio plays the songs of the highest bidder as does most other main stream music outlets. When Rock and Roll became the thing old people listened to, the station I worked at took a hard hit. If you listened to it today, you would hear almost all the classic played over and over. Its not the worst thing, but music has moved on since then.

With the ever growing ability to access all music with the click of a button, we have noticed a shift in what music has to offer. There are a lot of Music purists out there who will always call out new music and say it sucks and to those people…cool dude. If you think AC/DC belongs in every party playlist, theres a reason you’re not invited to many.

Why do we think the older music was better? Was it because back then, we recognized music ability? Im sure to a lot of people, yeah, but the real reason is that back then, bands had a staple in new media. Television was still black and white when The Beetles became famous. Nobody had things like Pandora so whoever was the biggest bidder had, like, two places to go: Radio and Television.

Bands like The Doors had the golden ticket to solidify their place in History and music. When they performed “Light My Fire” on The Ed Sullivan Show, everyone at the time lost their shit all because the band decided to say “higher” on television. Nowadays musicians have to saturate themselves in ridiculous antics to keep the attentions of younger generations or else they lose their relevancy. Whenever Miley Cyrus takes stage now, she has to wear some stupidly ridiculous outfit just so people can relate to her personality and less about the music that her dad makes.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 13: Miley Cyrus performs at the Adult Swim Upfront After Party at Terminal 5, May 13, 2015 in New York City Credit: Walik Goshorn / Retna Ltd./MediaPunch/IPX
What even the fuck is you?

Now that Ive taken my stab at modern music, I will digress. The music industry has taken a hit with my generation not wanting to pay for music. Sure, some will, but most will just hear a band, go to some torrent site and download their discography. Musicians have taken a back seat to wild antics and show versus actually appreciating music.

With that in mind, countless musicians have looked toward other means to get their music out there. This is where the internet comes in. The internet offers musicians who would likely not fit the bill in mainstream to play and perform the music they want. It puts them in control as well as puts the listener in charge. Radio and television will play music they think works for you, while it is the other way around for the internet.

This one inherent virtue is why you hear shit on TV and not on your computer. There are only so many times I can hear Sublimes “What I Got” before I feel like I am playing into the sedated “Chillax, bro” mentality of most middle class white teenagers thin that wearing Rastafarian colored clothing makes them cool.