Top 5 Worst Places in Manchester New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire is a shit-hole. There’s no doubt about that. When walking down literally any street you’ll be met with syringes, puddles of vomit, or actual bodies. The typical grey atmosphere is contrasted by the shit-brown brickwork of the mill-yard. Essentially, Manchester New Hampshire is a scab on an otherwise nice state to live in.

It’s cool though, we still have that “mill-yard charm” that most people will (in one way or another) find here.

For those lost souls who find themselves out past midnight in this town, it’s a pretty good strategy to stay away from these specific hot-spots of debauchery.

#5 – Fritzie’s (West Side)

New Hampshire
It was rebuilt from the ashes of the old Fritzie’s. “From Rubble to Trouble”

Fritzies is your standard bodega. Not even a 5 alarm fire could keep cheap beer and cigarettes out of the hands of the deplorable masses who frequent that place.  On the plus side, if you drink too much and need to get your stomach pumped, its a quick jump skip and tumble away from Catholic Medical Centers Emergency Room.

#4 – Arms Park (East Side)

New Hampshire
Smell the desperation

Are you looking for a place to get away with a waterfront view? Perhaps you’re tired of the police harassing you for your incessant heroin habit. Look no further than Arms Park. Sitting right alongside the majestic Merrimack River, Arms Park has been a staple for underlings trying to get a “quick hit”. In the summertime when the water is low, you’re expectations are even lower.  Be careful not to wake the inebriated frequenters of Arms Park, and be careful not to step on any of the discarded prophylactics which are more common in the city than banana peels.

3 – Rock Rimmon (West Side)

New Hampshire
The best way to end your time in Manchester is to simply jump.

“This looks like a cool place to chill with friends and blow ketamine,” you say to yourself before actually getting there and realizing this place is littered with broken beer bottles from your drunk uncles 1980’s hair metal escapades. A place to get “high” chemically as well as geographically, Rock Rimmon provides one of the best views in the city. This isn’t saying much considering Manchester, New Hampshire is a total scab.

2 – Cumberland Farms Beach and Hanover St. (East Side)

New Hampshire
“Scumberland Farms”

Behold the land of NOD! Twenty-four hours a day/ seven days a week this is the clubhouse for the hard working vagrant trying to spend their precious panhandle money for a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 or a box of Chore Boy. “Scumberland Farms” as it has been called by most locals, provides late night treasuries such as that girl with cat ears asking you for “company” tonight. If you wanted to be surrounded by violent lemmings or experience the zombie holocaust without the world ending, look no further than Cumberland Farms at 2am.

1. Cadillac Motel.

Sanctuary or Cemetary

Located on the corner of Bridge and Chestnut, The Cadillac Motel is often the scene of ambulances…or police. Most people who check in, don’t check out. Whether you’ve fallen on hard times (or hard drugs) The Cadillac Motel provides excellent service by providing you with the 5-star heroin experience that plagues this godforsaken town. Offering a vast array of rooms for the casual dweller of unemployment to the lifelong street urchin. One night at The Cadillac Motel will have you lay witness to more ambulances than an episode Rescue 911.

You get the gist from reading the sign.

cadillac 2

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