The Image of Cannabis and How it Can Reach Potential New Clients.

I like to smoke weed. As a 20-something trying to make his way as a writer in the Granite State and as an active member of the cannabis movement here, it’s hard to find my way into cannabis without associating myself with the Cheech & Chong’s.

old hippie
We get it, dude.

I don’t mean that to be offensive. I love you all.

Cannabis has been described as a “culture”.  A culture that most people unfamiliar with it steer away from.

The negative connotations such as “stoner” and “pothead” have been taken into the movement which reflects poorly for those “out of the know”.

Listen, we get it. You smoke weed. You don’t need the tie dye t-shirt to prove it. The days when consuming it as an act of rebellion to “the man” or “the system” are done with.

The support, on the other hand, needs you. Without you, we have nothing. Your efforts have gotten us this far, and everyone should have a chance to gain.

If cannabis is to be legalized, it needs to be dealt with professionally. If cannabis wants a chance to maintain a successful and established industry, it needs to be handled with the poise and grace of industry leaders.

The Grateful Dead isn’t going to convince some family from the local yacht club to buy your product. They will buy it from someone they can trust and depend on.

The regular users can still be the regular users (there wouldn’t be an industry without them), but it needs a facelift. It needs to rise out of the hazed sludge that keeps others away and steer their focus on potential new clients.

Cannabis can’t lose its roots, but the soil needs to be turned in order to yield a more bountiful crop.


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