First NH Hempfest Meeting = Total Success

This weekend marked the first meeting for staff and directors for the third annual NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally. The festival will be held on August 25-28 in

The festival, like the previous two years its been held, promote some of the best local bands NH (and other parts of the country) has to offer. The event was conceived by NH locals who believe that legalizing cannabis for Granite Staters. We laughed, smoked, met new people and enjoyed a night of planning and conversing.

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Among the attendants of the event were Rick Naya, Thomas Brown, Frank Federico and Erica Golter. These people are the ones trying their hardest to not only create a cannabis friendly atmosphere for New Hampshire, but to also create the necessary changes in the state for legalization to all granite staters. The event went through meeting after meeting where everyone dug the “Good Vibes” and good weed.

Throughout the meeting, a strong sense of community was established. With a mixing pot of political opinions, Free Staters, Conservatives, Liberals, Undecided and Independent we as everyone came together in order to support social justice and establish the rights of not only New Hampshire citizens, but the rest of the country.




The movement is grassroots and is supported more-so by the conservative side of NH house representatives. Although none were present, they will be come press time.

Each person had their meeting with the big three:

Rick, Thomas, and Frank.

Each is the structural “tripod” that keeps this group intact. Their effort in starting the NH Legalization movements has amassed supporters across the state and well into the surrounding New England territories.

With the support from 70% of New Hampshire Residents, the echo of our voices as a collective can make sure legalization is a main topic for any political campaign in the future.



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