New Hampshires Political Rants = Susan DeLemus

So Susan DeLemus is now trending after a Facebook comment stating that The Pope was indeed the Anti-Christ.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.17.18 PM
I had to visit her Facebook page in order to get this screen shot, which unfortunately added another page view for her. 

A New Hampshire GOP rep for Donald Trump, the only real headlines she’s made other than her current outburst was on CNN.

If you’ve watched this video, I’m sorry, but it will help you realize that some of our reps are insane. Now, I get that politicians lie. You and me? We know this, we’ve always known this. But, unlike you and me, we don’t like to project ourselves as crazy on national television.

I want to let the rest of the country know that most of us who live here aren’t like this. We handle issues like normal, everyday people. If someone like her came up and talked to me, I would just shake my head and agree until she was gone.

Unfortunately, the only time New Hampshire gets noticed is around election time or when our shitty state reps like to blurt out stupid shit.

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