Why Valentines Day isn’t For Lovers.

Its that time of the year again. For couples, it means romantic gestures, going to dinner, and buying cards that someone else wrote that have significant meaning. Who knows, maybe there’s some sex in there too, but I wont delve that deep into it.

For everyone else, its their time to poke fun in a small testament against it. If they had someone special, they probably wouldn’t be on the internet making those jokes. They’d be too busy actually doing romantic things. Some wish they had someone, some don’t feel like playing into a commercial holiday, I get it. It makes sense.

At 10 a.m. this morning, my social media feeds consisting of mostly older people and relatives sharing what their S.O.’s got for them. Flowers, cards, etc. Some of these people have kids and thats why they’re together, some are on their third child with their fourth Fiance.

child support
Love is love, I suppose.

As I kept scrolling, I found that majority of people my age were the ones who were actively voicing themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.57.37 AM
Hands everywhere are now sharing this.

Now, lets look at another side of the coin. People my age are also known as the “Hook-up Generation”. That, in itself, is bullshit. The people who complain about it also have 5 cats named after the characters in Glee. Which is why they sit in their house and write blogs about love.

***Disclaimer: Im not a cat lady. Im a 26 year old man feeding off buzz words in order for this blog to make me money***

All jokes aside, there is a sad reality to this holiday. There will always be that person who posts pictures of their pets as their “special someone”. You can almost hear them screaming on the inside. Some are going to cry themselves to sleep tonight, another lonely, uneventful Valentines Day. Who knows, though, maybe its them. Maybe their just ugly, or have a shitty personality, I can’t be the one to judge. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go out and try to meet someone.

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