My Life as a Classic Rock Junkie

I remember being 3 or 4 when Blind Melons “No Rain” came out. You remember that song right? The dancing bumble bee girl who is constantly searching for her place to belong traveling all around the city until she comes across a field of other bumble bee people? You do? Great. Well that was literally the first song I loved in my life. My mom would love when it came on and I would dance around the living room smiling proud. Keep in mind my parents were older, they were around in the 60’s and 70’s and that gave me a little more insight as to what those decades were all about. That ideology always stood with me throughout my life. I had long hair, hung out with the 5 people in my High School that smoked weed and had similar experiences in life to that of a 70’s teenager. Listening to the classics and thinking they were way better than what was being shoveled into teenagers faces at the time (Fall Out Boy).  I wanted to share that with others, but growing up in a town that was quickly becoming an extension of Massachusetts, I knew that probably wasn’t going to happen.  I would wear whatever classic rock T-Shirt I had lying on my floor, barely combed my hair and went on my way to school where most of the time I would slack off and doodle whenever I could. My friends were also “Classic Rock Purists” and we did our thing. Smoking at the top of water towers, driving around town aimlessly, looking for something to do in a town with a movie theater, four Dunkin Donuts and three apple orchards.  To think of it, it was still probably better than doing what most other kids did in school. We had playlists solely consisting of Sabbath, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd you name it, we had it. We also had a pretty impressive vinyl collection which didn’t consist of fucking Mumford and Sons.

Keeping the 70’s alive via 2007

They will always live in the hearts of those who also grew up listening to them and thats honestly rad, but its time to move on. I grew out of the “Classic Rock Purist” phase when I was 17 and you better believe I found other music more enveloping than what my parents listened to. I always wanted to work with music, make music or just be involved with it.  I still have that dream.

I got my first chance to work with the music industry while in college. I was majoring in Graphic Design and they were looking for interns in Promotions. I figured I could use my skills to do something with it and so I did. It was awesome to be creating art work for bands like KISS, Steve Miller, Van Halen etc, but it also gave me the sad truth about the music industry.


Having the history of classic rock inside my brain didn’t do much to help influence what we should have been playing. With the history of Rock and Roll under my belt, I had the belief that it would come back and kick ass, but just like my life in high school, I was once again let down by what the station was playing. Most of the new music sounded like an action movie and the older stuff was heard a thousand times before. Worse yet was how the stations chose their song selection.

Whoever paid them the most.

Anyone enjoy the sounds of Nickelback? Im sorry if you do. Thats exactly the reason they became so popular. Record labels would pour steady loads of cash to our station to play whatever bullshit edgy generic crap they could and we were more than happy to play it. Rock sold out to me at that point. Not that I wasnt aware it happened already, but my dream was crushed.

Thats why I started this site. I wanted to give people a chance to experience new rock that didnt suck ass. My goal with this site is to influence others in music. I believe New Hampshire is the last place in the country that hasnt grown to something or has anything related to the music industry. Our motto is “Live Free or Die” and I believe that embellishes the spirit of what rock actually is.

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