My interview with TRIIIBE

A week ago, I sat down with Cheeky and Fredo of TRIIBE two up and coming rap artists from the heart of The Granite State. Having worked at one of the biggest radio stations in the state, you realize that the demographic doesn’t necessarily lean towards the rap scene, but after hearing their new single “No Stress” you can see why my interest in them was sparked and that just goes to show that theres something about TRIIIBE that stands out from most other artists in the area.

I showed up to Cheekys place and was greeted with open arms, then we walked upstairs to where the magic happens, their recording area. There were guitars, amps and a small desk where they would collaborate.  We then sat down to talk about how they started and passed around a bowl. We talked a little about ourselves and broke into the interview.

So what made you guys think this was something you wanted to do?

Cheeky:”We’ve known each other since forever and Fredo was always messing around with rapping. I used to go to parties and have Fredo just freestyle because its something else when you hear it. Its dope to hear him just break out off the top of his head without a beat.  Thats how we started rapping, just freestyling. I have to really fuck with things to write something, but freestyling is jamming, not a set piece that we keep having to repeat.”

So you guys just got together and collaborated?

Cheeky: Yeah, well Freds been freestyling since, like, he was 13 so he’s got it down pat, and for me it was something I’ve been messing around for a little while.

Fredo: Ive been singing since I was a child, but Ive been rapping since middle school and thats when I was felt I could do something with it.

Another bowl was packed and thats when I turned to Fredo

Fredo: It started when I was twelve or thirteen, I had a cousin who was like ” Dude, you can sing, how about you try to rap? And from then on I just kept getting pressured into rapping so I started freestyling and talking shit about people and making them feel bad about themselves and they were LOVING it! They were all like “Make a song about me!” Just talking shit about them. Then one day my cousin developed a beatboxing skill and boom we took off from there. Just rapping EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t escape it. People would be like “Fred, Rap!”

Cheeky: Im always trying to get him to rap for people cause its just something to experience, a Fred rap. Let them know we really can rap. Just off the top of our heads, cause it takes a long time to get that and equally as tough because of the skill you need for it. Its good to have someone pushing new ideas and going back and forth AND keep it fluid when you’re transitioning between each verse. Just off the bat people are already loving the song and were just getting started. The kid we see who records for us (Rocky Horror) is SICK.
He’s the BEST at it. We used to record at JZAC’s and he’s got a dope setup.

How did you and JZac meet?

Cheeky: Its a crazy story. It was a really round about way. Fred got me a job and we started hanging out and after work one day after work and he was like “Want to come in and blaze?” I was like sure, so we ended up hanging out and that when I first heard him rap. I hadn’t heard him do it in forever and was instantaneously like “We need to do this (rap)” and boom here we are. But I was also working with JZAC at the time. We both ended up going to Plymouth and we found out that he was awesome at rapping. To see him do it made me want to do it more. Then we both started freestyling together and getting involved then we were collaborating together and Fredo came in. You have to put yourself out there and you have to take chances and we did it. This is where we want to go in the future and we CAN.

The interview was interrupted “Can we pass another bowl around?”

Fredo: We overthink our music and we don’t want to put anything out that were not 100% on. Were making new music everyday. Some people want to just be in a studio and they think its awesome, but the real rappers put that time to make the end product something worth listening to. Some people need to read the book, but others can just do it and thats what we do.

You can check out their new song “No Stress” right here and on Soundcloud.

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