Music Mountain Hempfest 2k14

This is Music Mountain. The Site of the
Woodstock 45th Anniversery
Music Mountain Hempfest .
September 19th -21st, 2014
As you are about to discover Music Mountain is one of, if not the most beautiful event location you have ever been to!.

The site overlooks the Madawaska Lake and the St Jonh’s Valley. The September skies are known as the ”Fire Skies” see pics.
To the Artist, we invite you to bring the tools of your medium and create yourself a master piece.

There is no light pollution at night on the mountain allowing you to see the milky way, the aurora borialis, shooting stars, it seems like you can see all the way through infinity !

3 Full days of Live Music ~ Camping ~Vendors ~ Dancers
Models ~ RV Accessable & much more
ALL AGES (Under 18th must be with a parent or legal gardian

MMHF Flyer Finished-01)hempfest

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